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Best Android Mobile Camera App In 2021

Introduction :

Hello friends today I will tell you best Android mobile camera application in this time and it can help you many times and many situations which is really awesome and definitely you should try this amazing Android app.

This camera app are actually camera blocking app and it can help you to save your Android smartphone camera from any person who are trying to click to using your camera of your mobile but it can not open.

When any person are try to open the camera in this time this Android app are showing many type of error message and do not open the camera application. But when you turn off the setting then you can easily access the mobile camera.

Contact :

Still if you have any doubts then you can comment below in the comment box I will try to help you regarding this Android tricks but really it is very easy I think you can use this easily.

Also if you know any new Android tricks which are amazing and unique then definitely you can share with us I will try to share with our audience and family it can help you to grow our technology ideas and knowledges.

To apply this setting you need to install the application which I am provided below in the download button so just click on the download button below and install the app from Google Play Store and then follow the next process.


Process :

Install the application to click on the download button above and open this application directly and accept all the permission to work perfectly and basically except the camera application to operate the camera blocking control.

Now after that you can block the camera as your time and situation when you are busy or any work or play ground then you can turn on this feature and enjoy your work or play a without any tension.

After complete your work you can easily turn off the feature and you can access your camera application but when its turned on no person are can access your camera. This time its showing an error message like technical error.

I hope it can be very helpful and enjoyable so please try and comment below your feedback and thank you so much for today.




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