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Call From Any VIP Number In Your Mobile Trick

Hello friends today we are discussing about how to call any other mobile numberwithout showing my number in their mobile phone. And how to call from any number from my mobile to any other mobile phones. Or how to hide my number in any other mobile phone how to call which material mobile phone number. How to call any other mobile number for prank call. this is a very new trick trick you want to do it then you have to follow all the states which I mentioned below in this post very clearly step by step. if you face any problem to do this process then you have to follow me Instagram Instagram link or username in the description below in my YouTube video.

for that you have to download an application in your Android mobile. application downloading village I mentioned in this post in the download button below so you have to click on the download button below. After that you need to follow all the steps which I mentioned in this post step by step list wise in next paragraph.

Following Steps :-

  • install application
  • open application in your mobile phone
  • choose the country code which number you are calling
  • what your partner mobile number
  • press the call my phone or call button
  • in future need to collect coins from complete the task or collect daily coupon.
  • after that when you are calling then in your Patna mobile the number is hidden.




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