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Current Location Track Any Mobile By Satellite

Hello friends today I am showing you by this post about how to track any mobile location through an Android application. seriously it is a very interesting trick and very useful trick which I am telling you today. So without wasting any time let started and track any mobile location right now.

I fully explain in this post all the steps but first I want to telling you please don’t use any illegal purpose it’s just for an educational purpose only. I do not promote any illegal activity. so you have to download an application which I mentioned below on the download button link you have to click on the download button after that you have to follow all the steps which I mentioned in this post step wise.

Following Steps :-

  • Open application
  • click on satellite view or direction route
  • after that you have to click on satellite view
  • click on the current location button
  • after click on share button
  • select your social media icon
  • then send the location sharing link via your social media application
  • then open the location app through this link to track any mobile

if you face any problem to do this trick then you can contact me in Instagram link in the description below in the video.





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