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How To Auto Close Background Apps In Android

Introduction :

Hello everyone in this article today I will tell you how to auto close properly all the apps which is running on background in our mobile.

To using this trick you can clear all the background activity and delete the cache files and storage data which are unusual files added or fill up the storage it can clear all this.

Also from here you can optimise your mobile smartphone function and storage compatibility all the performance which are boost mobile performance and clear all the duplicate and unusual files properly.

Contact :

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Process :

So the first step are you need to install an apps in your mobile and I have provided the apps link below in download button.

So just click on it and you are redirect on Play Store then install and open then accept all the needed permission and activate this.

Here you can optimise your mobile smartphone or delete and clear all the unusual or duplicate file and cache files permanently then boost the mobile performance.

Also you can turn on the background apps clear setting after lock the mobile or you can activate some another setting which can help to optimise your device.





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