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How To Change Notification Logo In Android Mobile

Introduction :

Hello friends today in this article I will tell you how to change notification logo and options in android mobile which is very interesting and its look amazing after applying this trick.

Here you can change many type of options like all the logo are changed and you can modify the battery percentage interface and brightness controlling bar also and other setting options which can change.

There are also available for change the background colour and add image in your notification panel of Android mobile and adjust the icon and logo size which can increase and decrease all the shape in notification panel.

Contact :

When you are apply this process and if you think to ask any question regarding this Android tricks then definitely you can ask me in the comment box and I will try to help you to apply this Android option.

Also you can provide many type of new Android tips and tricks which is available in yours idea. You can provide in the comment box and I will try to definitely share with our audience family in the next article.

Now let’s see the process to apply this notification panel customise tricks in Android. You need to install an application to apply this process completely and the application link provided below in the download button so follow the process to complete the setup.

Process :

Install this application to click on the download button below and then you are redirect on Play Store so just install the app and open it.

Now you have to accept some permissions for customise the notification option after that you can customise all the logo and logo icon size and many types of advance feature.

Also there are many types of pro features available in this controlling of notification panel application so you can try this advanced features which is provided on there.




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