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How To Get Call History Any Mobile Number Trick

hello friends today we are discussing about how to get call history any other mobile number trick without touching any other mobile in 2020 so this is a big deal because that trick is very sensitive and please be careful for any other mobile number to get this call history in your mobile phone without any personal details leak. for this process you have to follow be careful and very scared all the following states mentioned in this article step by step. while you are doing this project and this time if you face any problem then definitely you can contact with me in my Instagram you can message with me in Instagram the IDis in the description below in my YouTube video

ok so now you have to download an application the application download link I mentioned in this article in the download button below so first of all you have to click on the download button after that you need to follow very carefully all the step which I mentioned in the next paragraph following steps by step by step. I again telling you please don’t do any wrong with this process. If you do any other reason for this then it’s your responsibility you cannot blame to us for this. So be careful and do what you want.

Following Steps :-

  • install application
  • open application in your mobile phone
  • click on proceed to PDF
  • select the date between starting and ending of record
  • filter the details like incoming outgoing missed or all calls.
  • type a name for your file which is creating.
  • click on the proceed to PDF
  • and it’s done.
  • you can transfer or send the file to anywhere.





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