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How To Manage Call Logs New Android Setting

Introduction :

Hello friends today I will share with you a new Android setting which are help you to manage your call logs or call list for edit delete or save easily to using this amazing Android tool.

If you want to delete your call logs then you can easily delete it and also you can edit your history of your call managing apps and many type of options are available here.

You can also change or clear the call data and also some settings which are included really awesome definitely you need to try one time.

Contact :

When you use this Android tricks and still if you face any issues then you can ask me. I will try to help you so just please put down your doubts in the comment box.

Also you can share your suggestions with us if you know regarding any Android tips and tricks definitely it can help us to share with our audience.

Now the first step are you need to install an application to manage your smartphone call logs and it is absolutely easy to use settings which is work in your every smartphone.


Process :

For download this application just click on the button above and then you are redirect on Google Play Store so just install the app and open to do some important settings.

Now you can see your call list are showing here so just you can edit delete or manage your call history easily from here because here are all options added to manage your call logs.

I hope you like this feature definitely share with your friends and family thank you so much for today and I will catch you in the next one.




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