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How To Protect Any Mobile From Tracking Apps

Hi today I am telling you about how to protect any mobile from any tracking app like if any your friend or other any person is want to tracking your mobile personal data like your call recordings SMS details photos WhatsApp chatting any other items then how you can protect all the personal details from any tracking application or any other person who is checking to you. Show the big question is how to save or how to protect.

well this is the very interesting topic so if you want to learn it or apply in your mobile then you have to follow all the process what I am telling you in this article so you have to follow all the process very carefully and step by step very seriously.

so if you face any problem while you are doing this process then you can definitely contact with me and you can talk with me in my Instagram. My Instagram ID or username or link is already provided in my YouTube video description so you can go to my YouTube channel and follow in any video description the link is already provided there.

first of all you have to download an application in your mobile the download link I already provided bottom of the article in this post in the download button so you have to directly click on the download button below now you have to follow all the process which I am telling you in next paragraph step by step serial wise. Don’t miss any single step.

Following Steps :-

  • install application
  • open application
  • click on the setting button on the top right side corner in your mobile screen
  • now turn on the the wrong password and right password is both option have to turn on.
  • now you can find who is want to trying to track in your personal data.
  • in future any person is want to unlock your mobile then the application is working automatically in your mobile background and click or capture a photo who is 12 trying unlock your mobile phone.
  • after that you can see who is want to try your mobile to unlock and check your personal data.





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