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How To Read Your Friend WhatsApp Chat

hi friends if you want to read or see your partner for friend WhatsApp chatting from your mobile without touching their mobile handset then you can try this setting in your mobile you can do this without touching this process from only your mobile this is the very awesome and very brilliant trick if you want to do it in your mobile then you have to just follow all the steps what I am telling today via this article for you well this is the very valuable and very useful for you if you want to do it is very seriously for any other mobile. but before that please it is very important aur humble request to you please don’t do this for any other purposes for any wrong purposes it is just for an educational purpose only so if you want to do it then you can try just as a educational purpose as a try as a intertain only not anything bad for any wrong purposes.

unfortunately if you face any problem regarding district in any situation then you can contact with ask about this trick or with your issues. Simple just you have to you follow me in my Instagram profile my Instagram ID and all the details is provided in my YouTube channel so if you want to follow it and connect with us then you have to go in our channel in YouTube and then you have to open any video and check the description you can get the my Instagram link there. Also you can check my YouTube channel about section area.

ok now first of all you have to install an Android application in your smartphone. I have provided the application link below in the download button don’t worry. why is the download process is complete you can read all the steps what I mentioned in next paragraph for you. all the steps is very important and it is very sensitive so dressed you have to be careful read and follow all the process in your mobile after when the application is completed then you have to apply this steps in your mobile to complete this process.

Following Steps :-

  • install the application
  • open the application
  • allow all the permissions what is need
  • now you have to click on the plus button in top right side corner
  • then you have to collect your partner all friend WhatsApp number and put this number in the post box with your country code
  • now you have to put their name in the second box
  • also you can collect the WhatsApp number from contacts to click on the add to contact button.
  • now I have to click on ok button
  • and it’s done you can check this number above in the screen and this number is automatically tracked also you have to click on the bell icon for turn on the notification
  • now you can get all the notifications in notification panel area in your smartphone all the activities all the status all the messages you can get from your mobile easily.





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