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How To See Any Live Location In 3D

Hello friends if you want to see any other location in 3D shape like this video then you can try this setting what I am telling you in this article. well it is a very interesting process if you want to locate or trace any location in detail with 3D footage and resolution like a drone shot. First of all it is not a Google map application. because the Google map address via mobile GPS location tracker but for this setting you do not need to turn on your mobile GPS. Just you you need a good data connection in your mobile. So without any delay let’s get started the process.

when your reply this process in your handset and in this time if you face any issues or problem related this project then you can contact with me in Instagram. my Instagram ID or username is provided in my YouTube channel video description so if you need then you can just go and follow me in my Instagram then message to me with your issues.

First of all for this process you have to download or need application in your mobile to apply this project. Google it is not a Google map application it is a mobile tracker application in 3D shape developed by Google. show the application downloading link is provided in bottom of the area in this article in download button so I can just go and take out on the download button and then install the application in your mobile.

After that mandatory settings is to follow all the following state paragraph step by step all the process what is need to complete the setting in your mobile to apply 3D view the world map structure. Where you can see all type of you like 2D 3D also you can search here the popular places and you can manually open your local area in 3D view.

Following Steps :-

  • Open App
  • turn on your mobile data connection
  • open this application and allow all the permissions what is need
  • now you can see the whole world structure in front of you
  • now you can search your local area address or you can manually go to find India and find your local area address in the world.
  • now you can click on the 3D button and 2D button to switch the view way.




  1. The way you describe the app, the app is basically not like that. This app cannot be shown live. I have this app even earlier. This app is called “Google Earth” in the Play Store, you just have to download it.


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