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How To Set Pause Button In Google Play store

hi friends today in this article we are discussing about how to set a pause button in Google Play store in any Android mobile for iOS. It is working in which time when you are downloading very high size application like pubg or any other high graphics mobile games. And unfortunately the the Internet pack is expired then if you think you can download this file from this option in tomorrow but this is not possible because in Play store it is download again from starting so today we will discuss about how to set a pause button and block the internet for this application. Which is cannot download for this day and how to download from this partition in tomorrow or any other days.

this is the very interesting trick well if you want to do this then you have to follow all the settings what i am telling in this article. if any other person is many times download the big files of application for any files from internet for Google Play store. Unfortunately if you face any problem and you want to contact with me then you can follow me on my Instagram. my all the details is provided in my YouTube channel video description.

So now first of all you have to download an application in your smartphone the application link is provided below in the download button so just you have to click on the download button then when the download process is completed all the provided in next paragraph in following steps and all the process is very important for you if you want to do this in your smartphone.

Following Steps :-

  • download the application
  • open in your mobile phone
  • allow all the permissions
  • choose which option is you want to set pause button or net block
  • click on checkbox
  • now click on bottom area turn on the process
  • and it’s done
  • in future if you want to turn off this application then you have to just click on the turn off button in bottom area again.

Download Here

[su_button id=”download” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dev.tuantv.android.netblocker” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#ef0c12″ size=”7″ center=”yes” radius=”0″ icon_color=”#ffffff”]DOWNLOAD[/su_button]



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