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How To Unlock Or Reset Forgot Pattern Lock In Android

Introduction :

Hello friends if you forgot your Android mobile pattern lock or pin code and if you want to reset or unlock your forgotten password then you need to reset the password of your mobile.

So today in this article I will tell you how you can reset the forgotten password or forgotten pattern lock of any android mobile so now let’s talk about it and I will guide and help you step-by-step today and I hope it can be very useful for you.

Here I will provide you many types of mobile reset forgot way like pin code lock and pattern lock and security password lock also face unlock and many type of advanced Android security if you are using then don’t worry if you forgot your password then you can reset it easily to using this process.

Contact :

But before that if you want to ask any question regarding this Android feature then definitely you can comment below I will try to help you as your doubts or asking questions so please put your question in the comment box.

Also you can suggest if you are want to share any new tips and tricks regarding Android and Mobile smartphones it can help us to share new tips and tricks with audience and maybe it’s help to grow our technology ideas and knowledge.

So now first of all you need to install an application in your smartphone and just click on the download button below now follow the next process which I have provided below in the next paragraph.


Process :

Install the application properly to click on the download button above and you are redirected on play store in your mobile so just install the app and open it now accept the permissions to use all the options of this application completely.

Now here you can see many type of list to reset your password or pattern lock of mobile in Android but it cannot work for iPhone because of another operating system it can be use only for Android type smartphones.

Now choose any option which are preferable for you and then follow the process here are provided with images in step by step clearly I hope you can understand easily all the points and images like the same interface.



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