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New Your Calling Number Hide Trick

Introduction :

Hello friends if you want to hide your calling mobile number like if you call any your friend or family member.
and you do not want to show your mobile number in their mobile phone then definitely you can hide your number.
and in their phone after calling its showing any other mobile number.

You can call from VIP number it means you can create your own VIP number for few minutes absolutely free.
I hope this setting is very interesting full and you can prank with anyone to use this setting.
So let’s start today I will show you this setting how you can do it easily on your smartphone.

But please completely read all the options and points which is most important to apply this setting.
Without follow all the options you cannot do this in your smartphone or any smartphone perfectly.
After it is does not work so please follow all the process what I am telling today.

Contact :

If you have any queries or questions regarding this setting then definitely you can ask me in the comment section I will also try to reply you and solve your doubts.
definitely you can put your valuable comment in the comment section.
As soon as possible I will reply you and answer your doubts or questions in the comment option.

Also if you have any suggestions that definitely you can provide your ideas for valuable suggestions.
I will try to improve our service and try to serve you my best from our end.
so just put your valuable suggestions and comment in the comment section below I will definitely check out this.

Now you have to install an application in your smartphone to apply this setting.
After that follow all the process but I am telling today in the next paragraph.
to install the application just you have to wait for the 15 second and you can see the download button below.

Procedure :

Just click on the download button to install the application from Google Play Store.

After installation click on the open button and you need to allow all the options and permissions which is want from the application to work perfectly.

This application is automatically analyse your smartphone and you can call anyone with your mobile number to type there phone number and then call.

But before that you have to collect some credits from the bonus tab or profile tab.

After that you can call easily to anyone.

And they cannot find who are you calling. It’s amazing trick just try it once.

Thank you so much for read completely.





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