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Secret Video Recorder App For Android

Hello friends today in this article we are discussing about how to record any moment as a video or click a photo without open my mobile camera without touch my mobile and without take my mobile in my hand so this is the very interesting if you want to do it then you have to follow all the process what I am telling in this article. So you have to just follow all the procedure in this article providing. but I want to request you please don’t use as any wrong purposes because it is providing you just for as a educational purpose only not to promote any other wrong ideas.

ok now if you face any problem when you are applying this process in your mobile phone and then if you want to contact with us then you have to follow in my Instagram official id. my Instagram all the ID and details is provided in my YouTube description so you have to just go in my YouTube channel and follow any video description and you can get the link so simple just click on the link and go Instagram then follow me and you can text me in message box with your problem.

Now listen the most important is you have to costly download an application in your mobile. The application link is provided in the bottom area in this article to click on the download button. after that you have to follow all the following states paragraph be carefully step by step don’t miss any single step. if you are missing any single step then the processes is not completed.

Following Steps :-

  • click on the application icon in your mobile phone
  • accept all the mobile access permissions
  • click on the video camera option icon
  • now you can minimise the application for turn off your mobile phone and take the mobile in your pocket
  • after that the camera is automatically recorded all the front of the camera situations moments and time.
  • when it’s completed then you have to click on the stop button in the application
  • now if you want to see this recording video so you need to click on the more option top left side corner in this application
  • then click on Gallery option
  • now you can see the video which is recorded the last one.

Download Here

[su_button id=”download” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.i.video.recorder” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#ef0c12″ size=”7″ center=”yes” radius=”0″ icon_color=”#ffffff”]DOWNLOAD[/su_button]




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