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WhatsApp Web Trick For Any Mobile

So hey guys in this article we gonna discuss a WhatsApp awesome and useful features related . So if you want to to use this trick in your mobile phone then definitely you can try this setting in your mobile so in this article am telling you all the options and all the important steps mention today in this article for you. But before this please this trick is used only for educational purpose not for any other wrong purposes mind it guys because this is the very sensitive trick for any mobile personal data related off WhatsApp Trick.

in future if you face any problem related this topic and if you want to get help then you can contact with us feel free. our contact details is provided in YouTube video description so you have to follow us on Instagram official id the official profile link and all the details is provided in my YouTube video description so if you want to follow and you want to contact with us then you have to go to our YouTube channel and check any video description so you can get the link of official id and you have to follow our official profile in Instagram.

First of all all you need to install an Android app in your mobile phone for the sharing WhatsApp account and after that you have to follow all the steps provided in next paragraph but before that the download button link is provided end of the article in the download button so you can just have to click on the download button below and install the application in your Android smartphone after that while the installing process is completed then you have to follow all the following steps mentioned below in next paragraph and yes be carefully all the settings is very sensitive and very important don’t miss any single steps.

Following Steps :-

  • open the application
  • allow all the permissions what is need to run the application in any phone
  • turn on the data connection in your mobile phone
  • choose the option which is whats web
  • while the loading is complete then you can get a QR code so after that you have to go to your partner mobile phone WhatsApp account and click on the more option top right side corner.
  • after that select the WhatsApp web
  • scan the QR code from this WhatsApp
  • after that the WhatsApp account is divided in two mobiles.
  • now all is done and you can control from two mobiles in one account.

Download Here

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